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    Healthy Body,
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  • Cordyceps Is The Elixir Of Life Medicinal Mushroom From MediMushrooms
    Lions Mane Is The Brain Power Booster Medicinal Mushroom From MediMushrooms
    Maitake Is The King Of Medicinal Mushrooms From MediMushrooms
    Reishi Is The Medicinal Mushroom Of Immortaility From MediMushrooms
    Shiitake Is The Smartest Of All Medicinal Mushrooms From MediMushrooms
  • Dr Alla's Medicinal Mushrooms

    Have been used to support a life of health and wellness by people from around the globe including
    Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

  • Over 4000 Years of Oriental Traditional Medicine

    100% Natural Dietary Supplements


    Our new and improved website went live in January 2019.

    The recent modernization implemented in the production line and the change from the old website platform to the new one has resulted in some savings to us that we are pleased to pass on to you, our customers.

    Effective January 2019, the cost (in NZD) per bottle has been REDUCED from $45+ to $39.

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