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  • Customer Testimonials

  • Over the years, customers of MediMushrooms have shared with us their progress as they have used our products. Here's a sample of our client testimonials. To protect our clients' privacy, in most cases we've included just their initials.

    Some testimonials are from the same clients over a period of many years. These would show the progression during the treatments.

    One of our long-term clients, Nigel, expressed the desire to share openly his achievements in fighting and winning the battle with cancer. He is happy for us to publish his name and his photos showing him touring/biking New Zealand and Taiwan with Dr Alla's Medicinal Mushrooms.

    Nigel says that if anyone believes that they would benefit from talking to him about his journey to recovery, please let us know and we will give you his contact details.

  • To whom it may concern:

    We have all heard the cliché “I tried everything”…

    In my case, it is not really a stretch.

    I am a 62-year-old male who can recall even as a young person enduring a nagging irritation in what I learned later was in the Trigeminal region of my right cranial area.
    This means that I have suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 31 years.

    When I refer to the fact that I tried everything, I mean I have seen numerous specialists, everything from Neurologists, ENT’s, Dental surgeons, Eye Doctors, Naturopath and Pain Specialists.

    To a person, I am certain they all truly wanted to find a solution & put sincere efforts into the search for an answer.
    I was invited to see one of the leading neurosurgeons in Canada and while he did provide some diagnostics help, he seemed to think I may need to adjust myself to accepting reality and learn to “live with it“.

    Then in September 2021 almost by accident, I was led to Dr Alla.

    I was surprised frankly at her level of personal interest in my case seeing as there appeared to be nothing in it for her particularly.

    But someone had mentioned Lion’s Mane in passing about a year before and though I was sceptical, I was interested enough to pursue the online conversation with Dr Alla.

    She offered to look over a previous physician’s diagnostic notes, as well as offered to review my most recent MRI.

    The detailed opinion I got back in a matter of days really got my attention and so I quickly decided this was a remarkable series of events and the journey began.

    Fast forward to Spring 2022, I have recently ordered a 3rd protocol using
    Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps.

    Dr Alla cautioned me to be patient, consistent & to exercise discipline going forward and to not take shortcuts in following the protocol.

    So, with the patient help of my dedicated wife, the days passed and probably around the beginning of the 3rd month some deeply painful episodes began to slowly subside.

    While the changes were gradual, they were notable.

    Before starting to take MediMushrooms products my condition had advanced to the point where I had to begin each day with ice packs on the sorest & tender areas. Predominately my temple and occasionally my right eye and sinus.

    After 4 weeks I completely stopped using the ice pads and haven't touched them since.

    Secondly, I ceased taking any prescription drugs that the pain management office provided.

    Thirdly, my quality of life has improved to the point where I can relate and communicate much easier.

    The pain is no longer as intense as it used to be in the past.

    I had to be careful to not slip back into some poor dietary habits as there were definitely some “triggers” that could set things off.

    Without any doubt I have for the 1st time turned a corner.

    So, a very unexpected set of circumstances in mid-2021 has led me to a most unlikely solution.

    To anyone reading this and maybe sceptical, please trust and believe that you are probably here for a reason and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Sincerely submitted June 2022 . E L Barnes Canada

  • Hi Dr Alla, I just wanted to let you know that your Medimushrooms have made a noticeable difference in my health.

    I have been taking Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane, and Maitake. (and I am looking forward to taking the Shitake as well) I have been taking these capsules – which are easy to swallow, for the last month +. I say plus, as for the last week-ish, I took 1 round every morning instead of 2x a day.

    I did this as I felt like I didn’t need a double dose. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep otherwise! My energy levels, skin (psoriasis), bowel function and overall feeling of healthiness & wellbeing are very noticeable. I haven’t reached for any of the other vitamins and what have you at all.

    Thank you Dr Alla for your amazing gift. Nga Mihinui, Moana

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    Firstly, a huge thank you for the awesome products you sell, and the great service I receive from purchasing from you time and time again.

    I have been buying the Shitake, Maitake and Reishi for my dog, who had his spleen removed due to cancer nearly 3 years ago. I can only assume that having him on these mushrooms has been a huge factor in him still being alive and happy, nearly 3 years after our vet said he would be lucky to make it 12 months. At nearly 12 years old he is a happy old man, and I am very thankful for every day we get to share together!

    Now, sadly my parents’ dogs has just been diagnosed with a mast cell tumour, that due to its location they have decided not to attempt to remove it. So naturally, I want to get him on to the mushrooms ASAP. Can you please confirm that the 3 mushrooms I have been giving to my dog are the best ones to be giving to my parents’ dog also?
    Assuming they are, I would like to buy some more for me as well...

    Many thanks in advance, A. J.

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts that went into sending the completed order, that arrived today.

    Yes, something like this does generate great feelings, we are very fortunate to have such a person as you in our lives!! Your advice gives us confidence to know that we are really looking after ourselves with the best. Much appreciation and thanks to you.

    Kind wishes, J. & M.

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    Thank you for your continued support and products which we know we would not be the same without. It was a momentous day when I discovered your website on the computer so many years ago.

    Kind wishes to you and thank you for your 'healthy' support, J. & M.

  • The package arrived - thank you very much - and for the detail attached too, plus booklet. I feel so confident that you are our answer to improved health and wellbeing!

    Thank you again for your kindness in helping us to the maximum!

    We do appreciate it, J. & M.

  • Dear Dr. Alla,

    Thank you so much for your email. We are very fortunate to belong to your list of grateful people whom you help so much. You always have time for a quick chat too. Thank you, thank you.

    Thank you for your continued interest in our health, J. & M.

  • Good morning Dr. Alla,

    The package arrived this morning - thank you.

    May you enjoy a very happy Christmas season - for you and your family - and let the New Year bring all kinds of 'surprises' and happiness.

    Thank you again for your wellbeing helpfulness throughout the year. We are looked on with disbelief when we disclose our ages at times. We feel blessed to have your continuing advice and help.

    Kind wishes, J. & M.

  • Dear Dr. Alla,

    I will try to cut the story short. M. escaped the knife!!! About a month after sending you an email he was called back into hospital for 3 days of tests/CT scan and then the op. on a Thursday.

    In the meantime, he visited … - a place where the doctor takes samples of blood and brings them up on the screen and diagnoses from there. Plus blood pressure, urine testing. We have been going to this clinic for years on and off.

    M. had a glowing report on his cells - thanks to our mushrooms etc. and Dr. Alla. Blood pressure etc. was fine.

    With much gratitude for your advice and help, contributing to our well-being, J. & M.

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    I'm not sure if we filled you in on what was going on? Anyway, I will fill you in, possibly again.

    Only 3 more chemo sessions to go now, yay!

    I had an MRI that only showed the 4 tumours on my liver in one view and greatly diminished in size, below 2mm, so much so that the liver surgeon said he couldn't operate as they were too small for him to find, awesome news!

    They recently stopped giving me Oxyplatin in my chemo regime because it was causing nerve neuropathy in my legs and feet, and my oncologist made the comment "we don't want to cure you of cancer and leave you with numb feet", that’s the first time he's used the word 'CURE'.

    So all in all I'm feeling pretty good and definitely think your medi mushrooms are playing a big role in my recovery.

    Wishing you the very best.

    Yours with warmest regards, K. & A.

  • That's a wonderful help, thank you, Dr Alla.

    I would use Lion’s Mane as part of my gut healing protocol, along with other supplements, as I know it can really help heal the gut lining.

    You are so kind with your help. Thank you, A. L.

  • My very dear Dr Alla.

    Thank you so much for your extensive research about my problems and the recommendations. Your help is invaluable.

    I feel much more energetic, sleep much better, my appetite is back, my memory has definitely improved and overall, I feel very good since starting taking your medicinal mushrooms.

    Also, the blood pressure seems to be now under control, which is just marvellous. It is a huge comfort for me to be able to discuss my health issues at length. You always seem to have the time for me. Thank you.

    I tell everyone about you and your great mushrooms supplements. I feel blessed to have you for advice and support.

    Warmest wishes, C. K.

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    I am taking the Lion's Mane Mushroom and I am really happy with it, such a wonderful product.

    Thank you so much, A. L.


    Three days after starting on the supplements I went on a course of antibiotics for a tooth abscess. I immediately stopped taking the supplements, but Ed advised me to continue. He said that now was the time, more than ever, that I needed to take the supplements.

    I know from past experience that taking penicillin drains me and having a tooth abscess even more so.

    It surprised me, therefore, that I found my energy increasing by the day. This came home to me very strongly while bicycling up the steep hill to my home with baskets heavily laden with vegetables from the local farmer. Normally, I only manage to cycle 80 percent of the way – without baggage. Not only did I manage to cycle all the way up the hill, but I did this with the greatest of ease. I kept thinking: “How is this possible? When am I going to stop? “

    My work capacity increased noticeably. On day 10, after working a full day, I found myself still on the task at 4 am.

    Two weeks after the supplements ran out the abscess started acting up again. I found myself getting steadily more tired. My doctor put me on a new course of antibiotics. This time I was without the mushrooms. I finished the course of antibiotics but was in such a state of lethargy that it was difficult to get the necessary things done.

    Then I received a new shipment of supplements. Within a few days, my energy returned and I was able to entertain guests for a whole week driving 300 km and visiting more art galleries than I can recall, walking along miles of beaches and up and down sand dunes.

    I think more clearly and faster.
    I get a lot of work done without tiring.
    My skin takes on a glow – not just on my face.
    Heart beat is stronger and less irregular.

    H. J.

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    Just wanted to keep you in the loop on my husband’s progress. His CEA has dropped a lot since he was first diagnosed. We are not relying on this totally but we are encouraged that the inflammation levels in his body are diminishing.

    His liver test has shown up this time but I guess we have to expect that given the metastasis there.

    His oncologist at Auckland hospital is very happy and said these blood results would only be seen in about 5% of his patients.

    So we know we are not out of the woods by a long shot but his odds look reasonable now as he is responding well.

    So the combination of your mushroom therapy (30) a day plus the aloe arborescent and salvestrols seem to be effective.

    So my thanks for your input and your wonderful product.

    Kind regards, L. & A.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    The latest reports on A.'s bowel cancer and we are delighted to see that the main tumour has shrunk to be almost indistinguishable from the rectal wall. Also that the metastatic nodes have also shrunk.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful product which I know has made a difference. He was basically down to the mushrooms, the aloe arborescent and salvestrols.

    We are very relieved but after much reading, I know cancer is a rather sneaky disease and we need to keep the protocols up probably for quite a while if not forever.

    So kind regards from us and thanks once again for your wonderful product.

    Kind regards, L. & A.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    We saw the oncologist and surgeon last week and A. has been given the all-clear. No more tumours to be seen. One minute spot on the liver which they are not sure even if its cancer or a scar or something benign.

    So great news for us and we are adjusting to life without this horrible disease hanging over our heads. They will scan him again in 3 months’ time and keep an eye on things, but they have given him an 80 percent chance it won’t reoccur.

    So once again many thanks for your mushrooms which I am sure have helped him a lot.

    Kind regards, L. & A.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    Much appreciated all the support you showed me!

    God bless you and your family, L.M.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    I have been taking many different mind supplements regularly for some time now, and the latest one I have found is the Lions Mane mushroom.

    This one seems most exciting and could hardly believe that someone such as yourself was operating a business like yours right in NZ !

    Much prefer to buy from you, speed, economics, point of contact etc.

    Many thanks, L.C.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    I just want to let you know that D. is doing much better. His speech is coming back, he has plenty of energy to go for walks and good appetite.

    Thank you for the booklet you send together with the mushrooms. It is very informative.

    Kind Regards, M. G.

  • Nigel Testimonials Of Medicinal Mushrooms By Dr Alla Of MediMushrooms International Ltd In NZ

    Nigel travelling around the world with Dr Alla’s MediMushrooms in his bag.

  • Greetings Dr Alla,

    I trust you are well. Here in Thailand, it is celebration time: Chinese New Year.

    Just arrived in Chiang Mai via Laos and Bangkok on the bike. A long cycle. Fantastic weather. Here for a few days before travelling south by train and some more cycling.

    Hope you like the “surprise” promotion photo!

    I feel like the cancer is behind me now. But still keeping up mushroom supplements and diet as much as I can.

    Wishing you and family Happy New Year, Nigel

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    Thanks for your thoughts - much appreciated and oh such prompt reply.

    In all other aspects, I am feeling really, really good. Better than ever! The gym and running is paying off and, along with counselling support, I am feeling great. Except - there is the cancer. And as you say this has got to be the last tumour - number 10. Enough already!

    I am still taking the full complement of medimushrooms…

    Just raising a mug of bicarb & molasses and wishing you and family well on this beautiful day.

    Speak soon, Nigel

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    Thanks so much for your consistent and continued encouragement. I need to hear that.

    I am really pleased I did not have the sustained chemo treatment last time.... the absence of tumours would have been credited to chemotherapy!

    Thanks too for the advice. I was wondering what to do next. It is very much early days and I need a clear 2 years before I am out of this... so...

    I will keep all supplements and dosages as they have been these past 4 months as you suggest. It seems to be the right anti-cancer combination for me. Including mushrooms supplements and green olives.

    Your highlighting consistency I think also applies to the wider picture: I am keen to keep my current part-time work and home life balance in check to allow time not only to manage the various anti-cancer regimes and source/prepare foods and supplements but also to continue the positive body/energy work - meditation and fitness focus.

    So that’s the plan. Great to share this with you Dr Alla.

    Peace to you and your lovely family, Nigel

  • Dear Dr Alla,

    Great news at the quarterly check up Dr Alla. No new tumours!

    At last a zero after 18 months. Phew. So at the 11th hour ...no chemo necessary and next check postponed.. now 6 months not 3.

    Pretty good hey. I am feeling really well. Yay. Great energy. Never felt better! Seriously.

    Just wanted to share that with you. Happy Valentines Week Dr Alla.

    Thanks for all your support, Nigel

  • On the way from Auckland to New Plymouth in May.

    Powered by....
    you guessed!


  • Dear Dr Alla,

    It does feel a bit like trying to change the direction of a super tanker....nothing happens straight away and then all of a sudden a new direction.

    Great news ! All clear of cancer for the second time. No need to go back for another 9 months. Phew !

    I am of course still cautiously maintaining everything that I am doing healthwise .... mushrooms and healthy diet. I need two years of all clear...so that’s my goal ...but this is a fabulous start.

    This day brings unexpected joy.

    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, Nigel

  • Dearest Dr Alla,

    I am so forever grateful for your continuous support and helpful advice on healthy food and supplements.

    Ever since I started taking your mushrooms I feel so much much better!

    I can now focus on my puzzles, crosswords, can now handle long walks and even got back to gardening. I have enough energy again to do all the house chores and not feel exhausted halfway through the day.

    My life, in general, has improved and I really feel good! My girlfriends and family are happy for me and, of course, I do tell them about the “magical” mushrooms I get from you.

    I like opening the capsules and emptying then into my smoothies or yogurt as you suggested and I find that this is good when I don’t feel like swallowing capsules. Also your list of recommended foods for cancer patients is really helping me a lot, it’s easy to follow.

    God bless you and thank you for your support and your products.

    With much love, N. W.

  • Hi Dr Alla,

    I am pleased to report that there has definitely been an improvement in memory function from the Lions Mane and Reishi mushrooms. My partner J. has also noticed the difference.

    I have taken the liberty of sharing this information to those in need… as Your products are very good.

    Please note, I would like another three of each of the above two types. Thanks again.

    Regards, P.K.

  • Hello Dr Alla,

    Just wanted to give you a quick update, my radiation area located on my right cheek to my neck, the burning sensation and burnt scars is 95% gone and back to my original skin colour.

    The swelling on my right cheek has gone down considerably and the sores inside my mouth have all disappeared and I can talk and eat a lot better. I still have a low ringing in my right ear, hope that will go away soon.

    I will continue to take your Medi Mushroom. I'm so thankful that I found you during my google search, and thankful for your help and patience out there.
    I will keep you posted.

    Again, thank you for all that you do and please take care of yourself. J. T.

  • Hi Dr Alla

    I thought you might be interested in my CT Scan and Bone Scan results, which I received this morning from my Oncologist. The good news is there has been an excellent response to the chemotherapy for treating my stage 4 bladder cancer. The results are so good that I will be going straight on to Immunotherapy without the need for any more chemotherapy.

    There is no doubt that the mushrooms, supplements and diet you have prescribed for me have played an integral role in such an excellent result.

    But what sets Medi Mushroom apart from all other online medicinal mushroom suppliers is the bi-weekly appointments you provide at no charge.

    I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support and guidance for this excellent result. A. McD.