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  • Why Choose Dr Alla’s MediMushrooms

  • We understand that when it comes to purchasing your dietary supplements including your medicinal mushrooms, you have many choices.

    Here are some of the top reasons you should choose to use Dr Alla's MediMushrooms range of products.


  • Since 1998, Dr Alla's MediMushrooms products have been made using the highest quality, all natural raw materials. Dr Alla has developed trusted relationships with the suppliers and works closely with them to source top quality raw mushrooms.

    The medicinal mushrooms in Dr Alla's MediMushooms range of products are grown in their indigenous climate. They are 100% natural and have never been exposed to any pesticides or other harmful substances used to artificially enhance their growth.


    All MediMushrooms supplements are manufactured at certified manufacturing plants in New Zealand and all the steps of the production are personally supervised by Dr Alla based on strict criteria - from the supply of the raw mushrooms to delivering the end product to you.

    Our goal is to offer the best of the best quality of medicinal mushrooms using one simple philosophy: "Do for others what you wish done for you."


    Dr Alla has personally studied over 1800 research work done worldwide by numerous scientists. Based on this knowledge and years of experience, Dr Alla has developed, tested and refined the formulations used in the production of each MediMushrooms product to bring you the most potent version.

    In addition, Dr Alla has compiled the MediMushrooms Symptoms Chart containing 118 symptoms for you to use as a guide in understanding which mushrooms bring which benefits so that you can improve your overall health.


    Dr Alla's MediMushrooms, the brainchild of Dr Alla Kiroshka, grew from small beginnings in 1998 in South Africa, originally catering just to the needs of family and friends.

    As others began to experience the healing benefits of these medicinal mushrooms just as Dr Alla had experienced many years before, the demand for her products grew. Dr Alla made the decision to focus on building and expanding her line of MediMushrooms products and making them more readily available.

    In 2007, Dr Alla relocated her family and her MediMushrooms business to New Zealand. From there she continues to make her life-changing products available to all.


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    For your convenience, Dr Alla's MediMushrooms has implemented a variety of payment options. When purchasing online, you can choose to pay via Credit/Debit Card or Bank/Wire Transfer. If you prefer, you can phone in your order and provide your card details for secure offline processing.


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