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  • Male Menopause (Male Climacteric) & Medicinal Mushrooms

  • It is widely known, spoken and accepted that later in life women go through menopause, the complex physiological readjustment involving changes in the hormonal levels.

    Hardly anyone talks about the fact that men go through the same changes. This is called Male Climacteric or Male Menopause or Andropause.

  • Changes of hormonal levels are normal physiological process in both men and women as they age. In women, the ovulation ends at around 40-45 years of age and the hormonal level plummets over just a few years period.

    In men this process is gradual. The testosterone level starts declining at the age of around 30-40 at the rate of about 1% per year.

    Some men do not experience any changes during the Male Climacteric, while others notice a difference.

  • Here are some of the Male Climacteric or Andropause symptoms:

    • Anejaculation
    • Anxiety
    • Breast discomfort and enlargement
    • Decreased energy level
    • Decreased motivation
    • Decreased penile size
    • Decreased self-confidence
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Depression
    • Difficulty remembering things
    • Dry and thin skin, loss of skin elasticity
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Hot flushes
    • Impotence
    • Increase sleepiness
    • Increased nervousness
    • Increased tiredness
    • Infertility
    • Insomnia
    • Irritability
    • Low bone mineral density (osteoporosis)
    • Low enthusiasm
    • Low trauma fracture
    • Mild and unexplained anaemia
    • Mood swings
    • Poor concentration
    • Poor short-term memory
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Reduced body hair
    • Reduced muscle mass and body strength
    • Sweating (night sweating)
    • Weight loss or increased body fat around the belly/chest area
  • It is important to find a way to deal with these symptoms as soon as possible so that they do not interfere with everyday life and happiness.

    Many lifestyle issues and psychological problems can cause some of these problems. For example, loss of libido, erectile disfunctions, insomnia, mood swings, etc can be the result of stress, anxiety or depression.

    Male Menopause is a very complex physiological process. The declining level of testosterone and the associated symptoms would vary from one male to another.

    Some underlying lifestyle issues and health problems can lead to believing that the symptoms are related to the Male Climacteric and dealing with these factors may help eliminate the symptoms.

  • The following are issues and health problems that need your attention:

    • Abnormalities in blood circulation and blood vessels
    • Excessive alcohol intake
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Lack of exercise
    • Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Lack of sleep
    • Obesity
    • Poor diet
    • Smoking
    • Type 2 diabetes
  • One specific medicinal mushroom, called Cordyceps has been studied extensively and proves to be effective in combating the symptoms related to the Male Menopause / Male Climacteric / Andropause, especially the erectile disfunctions and impotency.

    The best is to take it in combination with Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Reishi as these will help address the related health issues.