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  • Dr Alla’s Insights

  • Facial Neuralgia & Medicinal Mushrooms

    Facial neuralgia or Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), sometimes is also called Tic Douloureux. Facial neuralgia is a chronic pain condition associated with nerve injury or nerve lesion that affects the trigeminal nerve or 5th cranial nerve which is one of the most widely spread nerves in the head. The [...]

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    Fatigue, Lack of Energy, Tiredness & Medicinal Mushrooms

    Fatigue, Lack of Energy and Tiredness are not actual disease as such, these are just subjective feelings of an individual and can vary in intensity from light to extreme, which is also referred to as exhaustion. This feeling can overtake a person very suddenly or can gradually accumulate over a [...]

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    Food Recommendations for Cancer Patients and Medicinal Mushrooms

    Dear Friend, Initially, years ago, I wrote this letter specifically for all my cancer patients and I compiled for them a List of Recommended Healthy Food. Many of them have told me that the list is easy to use, that they have been making copies to share with family and friends and some have the list[...]

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    Gallstones & Medicinal Mushrooms

    Gallstones are just that, stones of different sizes and shapes created out of the bile components and located inside the gallbladder. About 80% of people with gallstones never have any symptoms. It is only when a gallstone blocks the bile duct that the person starts experiencing cramp-like pain in [...]

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    Headache & Medicinal Mushrooms

    A headache is one of the most common types of physical discomforts and it manifests itself with pain in the face, head and/or neck. There are different types of headaches: Tension-type headache Migraine Cluster headache Headaches are also classified as primary and secondary. Severe and [...]

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    Immunodeficiency & Medicinal Mushrooms

    The immune system is the second most complex system in your body coming just after the nervous system. The importance of the immune system is immense as it protects us against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies. The properly functioning immune system identifies a variety of [...]

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    Importance of Beta Glucans in Medicinal Mushrooms

    First, let’s investigate what are polysaccharides and what is their role in medicinal mushrooms. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates made of a variety of monosaccharides that are joined together by glycosidic bonds. Polysaccharides are one of the most important active components in medicinal [...]

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    Kidney Disease & Medicinal Mushrooms

    On both the right and left sides of your spine there is one kidney. These are small bean-shaped organs and they vary in size from about 10 cm to 13 cm. Kidney is part of the urinary system.Kidneys are, in fact, a complex filtration and purification system in the body. They continuously purify the [...]

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    Male Menopause (Male Climacteric) & Medicinal Mushrooms

    It is widely known, spoken and accepted that later in life women go through menopause, the complex physiological readjustment involving changes in the hormonal levels. Hardly anyone talks about the fact that men go through the same changes. This is called Male Climacteric or Male Menopause or [...]

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    Neurological Disorders & Medicinal Mushrooms

    Any disorder of the nervous system is referred to as a Neurological Disorder. There are three types of abnormalities that cause it: Structural Electrical Biochemical The respective wide range of symptoms may manifest themselves in the brain, spinal cord or any other nerves throughout the body. [...]

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